Let’s start! (again)

After months of overthinking, planning, buying (yeah let’s be honest, our passion has a cost) and setting everything, I am now officially ready to start a blog.
So why again ? Because before starting this one, I use to have a French blog on Video games as well : I started it 3 or 4 years ago, but because of my recent move in the UK and my decision to leave the France to discover the rest of World  ( meaning I don’t know where I will be in few years but not in France), here I am again.

And why this name ?
“GamerGirlBeReallyLike” because it combined two importants things about me : I am a girl gamer and also I am a fan of Memes (some irony and voilaaa!). I guess you know this hashtag #gamergirlbelike or #gamergirl,  where gamers (boys and girls) are making fun of the sexy/controllerinmymouth/highsocksandpanties gamergirl.


For the presentation let’s keep it short :
1)  My name is Elodie, living in London for 2 years now but born and raised in France;

2) I start playing video games when I was 6 years old;

3) My first console ever was the Ps One and my first game was Spyro and the Year of the Dragon;

Spyro the Dragon .gif

GIF from Krazykari

4) I had (and still have some them) a Nintendo Gameboy Color (Pikachu edition too kawaii to handle w_w), Gamecube, Gameboy Advance SP, PS2, XBOX 360, PS4, and PS VITA;

5) I am more a console gamer than a computer gamer (my brother is one of this specimen);

6) My favourite games so far : Final Fantasy VIII and X, Zelda The Windwaker, Super Smash Bros Melee, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and Red Dead Redemption;

7) I use to play a lot Resident Evil and all those scary games, but right now at the age of 24 and as an independent woman, I can’t handle Horror Games for more than 20 minutes;

 8) I am playing at least 2 hours per day if I have one of my console around (we have an Xbox One at work as well, ;));

9) I played all kind of games but prefers Japanese (or not) RPGs, FPS, and multiplayer games;

10) I am really bad a COD and a really bad loser (it goes with the 9th point : multiplayers games).

Presentation article

Picture from knowyourmeme.com

On this site I will combine two of my passions : gaming and writing.
I will write mostly reviews on games I play/played , gaming events, wishlists, and so many other things ! As a famous Italian game character would say :
Here we go!


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