Review : Sherlock Holmes TDD vs. Murdered, Soul Suspected (PS4)

I have to thanks my Mum for pushing me to read some detective stories. Because thanks to her, I  am a huge fan of detective stories and now I can say that I like also to play detective games. I started playing Nancy Drew’s episodes on PC, then LA Noire on Xbox360 (and it was so good, thanks RockStar!), etc. And I can add now two more games on the list :  Sherlock Holmes The Devil’s Daughter and Murdered Soul Suspected.

For the first review on the blog, I wanted to do a special one, a 2in1 : I wanted to compare both games based on the story, gameplay and graphics & performances, and rate them at the end to let you know which one I prefer!

Also, before to start, I want to add 2 things :
1) I hate spoilers so I will not be one of them on any reviews !
2) The review is based on my opinion, and I am aware that my opinion might not be the common one, but hey that’s the beauty of Internet, you can share your thoughts ! So please, do not hesitate to share yours too!

Sherlock Holmes TDD

Sherlock Holmes : The Devil’s Daughter (2016)

~ Story ~

Well, I don’t think I need to present you who is Sherlock Holmes after the book, the film, the series and even the video game (Crime & Punishment, 2014).
In this new episode, you will follow our lovely British boy and his fellow Dr. Watson in different cases around London. You will also discover a mystery around Sherlock’s adoptive Daughter.

  • Good start : It’s a Sherlock Holmes game so of course it’s based in London !! My lovely city that I call home for 2 years now, different time but still beautiful ! You will recognize the famous Baker Street’s flat, of course my dear.
  • The story is good, cases are actually interesting, and not that easy to solve. Furthermore, you will find as well main characters like Dr Watson obviously, but also Toby, Sherlock’s finest nose of England (it’s actually a dog)!
  • First bad point for me is the game is too short : the game lifespan is around 10 hours only (approximately a weekend). Just 2 or 3 more cases would have been perfect.
  • I didn’t like the Supernatural/Ghost/Evil plot. I liked the different cases because more realistic but I didn’t like the main story about Sherlock and his daughter (my opinion!)

~ Gameplay ~

The gameplay is not that bad, I didn’t play the first episode (yet) and can’t compare both. It’s really different of what I use to play but as always you just have to get use to it to enjoy it.

  • First good point for me is the fact that they integrate mini games, puzzles and even action times on the gameplay (yeah you’re going to play some Lawn Bowling or in French “Jeu de Boule/Petanque”, and that’s a tradition in my South of France!). They are included into the different cases and investigations through the game, you can skip them if it’s really to hard for you, because hey they are not that easy!
  • You have two levels of difficulty, from the beginner (you will have more hints and clues to solve the case and you also can skip mini games) to the expert detective . Maybe it’s because you have the choice to choose to skip some part that it makes the game short, so I will not advice to play it on the beginner level.
  • When you have all the evidences during an investigation, it’s up to YOU to choose who’s the culprit. You might be good but also wrong and you will have the choice to change your it or go with it and continue to play! It will change slightly the story. YOU are the detective there !

~ Graphics & Performance ~

Nothing to say on this part, the game looks awesome : London is beautiful, the texture looks real and faces movement and textures as well.
The only thing that can be annoying is the loading part : yes you are going to spend so much time on this car. I don’t know if it’s because the game is “heavy”, but loadings on this game are so loooooooong ! At least they found a way to make it shorter : you can actually during the loading time look at your evidences and thoughts about the case you are working on meanwhile you’re in this car, so I guess they knew it it was that long!

Waiting meme



So based on all that :
Story : 6/10
Gameplay : 7/10
Graphics & Performance : 7/10
Total : 6.66/10
(666 about a game with Evil on his Title? well, well, what a coincidence!).

Good detective game, you will enjoy the Sherlock’s atmosphere and the cases, you will reveal the real detective inside you and you will also have time to check your phone and your social life during the many loading times during your game!



Murdered SS

Murderers, Soul Suspect, 2014.

~ Story ~

This new game from Square Enix is really original. The plot is located in the town of Salem, yes the witches’ city. You will play as Detective Ronan O’Connor, a…. ghost detective. There’s a serial killer in town and it’s of course the one who killed you. To leave the human world and to join your (ghost) wife, you have to find out who is the murderer. To help you on this adventure, you will have some nice ghost power. Sounds promising right ?Heavy breathing cat meme

Well,  that’s just a promise.
The game sounds promising and original but two points mades it less promising :

  • First of all the game is flat and also really complicated to understand.
    It’s not smooth : you’re a ghost you have to solve a case to join your wife and be sent to the Heaven (I guess). But you can’t go inside homes without a human being opens you a door or a window to go in.
    Also there are some “ghosts houses/buildings/objects” that you can’t pass through. Also again there are some demons who want to eat your soul so you have to hide inside what I will call a “ghost shadow” so they can’t find you.
    ALSO you can possess human beings (and cats) to suggest, read their thoughts or see what they’re writing.
    It’s A LOT of rules and you can be really confused during the whole game.
  • The other thing that I didn’t enjoy is that you will find the plot too easily. To compare with the Sherlock’s game, this one a way easier.

~ Gameplay ~

Even if the story might be sometimes really tricky and confused, the plot looks interesting at the beginning. But the gameplay is the second disappointment of the game and here as some points why:

  • The gaming controls are really unusual to compare to others games : it’s not really natural to use the directions to play.
  • As I said before, the game takes place in the town of Salem. The city looks nice with the downtown, the park/creepy forest/cemetery, the beach with it lighthouse… but it’s not on an open world mode, and you’re not free to discover it (even if the map is not that big) !
  • Good point is that they had a really good idea : help others ghosts to leave the real world solving the case why they died. I really liked it!
    BUT the thing is that you are going to do this kind of case twice and then nothing during the rest of the game ! So frustrating.
  • More trophees hunting than actually an adventure : It’s all about collecting docs, notes and stories about Ronan, his wife, his life and the history of the town of Salem. If you have some OCD and you need to finish the game 100%, you will be really easily satisfied.

~ Graphics & Performance ~

  • Nothing to say in particular on the graphics side : the game looks good, the colors match with the atmosphere (grey/dark colors,  good work on shadows and textures as well, etc.).
  • Lot of jump scares based on a particular sound when a demon appears (I might be easy to scare as well, I can agree with that!)
  • I don’t know if it was made on purpose, but lot of the game is too quiet for me, it misses some good/spooky soundtracks to make the game less “flat”.


Story : 4/10
Gameplay 5/10
Graphics & Perfomance : 5/10
Total : 4.6/10
With all that, you can understand that I was really disappointed after a first hour of gaming. The main idea is good but they lost me with a really tricky and complicated gameplay.

I would definitely recommend to play Sherlock Holmes, it’s a nice game, nice visual and if you are a fan of the film and/or the series, you will find again the same atmosphere. Cases are good and it might be tricky to find the culprit.
Regarding Soul suspects murdered, I will say that you can play it if you are curious, but you will be confused really fast and even will give up (like I did) after few hours of gaming.

Let me know what you think of this two games! Any other detective games to suggest ?

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Comic Con London 2017

When you think of a Bank Holiday weekend in London, you can think of a hellaofweekend : everything is open late, everyone is out to party hard, everyone wants to enjoy it because it’s always shorter than what we except.
Well this year, even if I actually had some beers on Friday/Saturday/Sunday night, I did something new: I went to my first Comic Con!!


What is a Comic Con ?
Comic Con, for Comic Covention, is a convention held annually in different places around the world. Originally, the aim of this convention was to showcasing comic books and Science Fiction/Fantasy related film. The oldest one is the Comic Con in San Diego (organised in March 1970, thanks Wiki!!) and since then, the Comic Con is more about the pop culture in the whole : there are still comics and films, but it’s also about cosplay, animes, mangas, videogames, toys, collectible card games, or boardgames.

The Comic Con London 2017 (or MCM London Comic Con) was on the 26th, 27th and 28th May and located in Excel Exhibition Center London. It was really easy to go there (only 45 min by tube, and for London I can tell that it’s nothing!) and maybe because I came on Sunday at 1pm, but it was as well easy to go inside (no queue, thanks God!).

Few minutes there, and I was totally immerged. I guess so many people was waiting this event to see friends, to find their rare anime and comic books, to buy their goodies or to show their sick cosplays ! I was so amazed by the creativity and the hard work put on the customized wigs, costumes and make up ! (Maybe I will try next time ?)


So the convention was massive and was divided in two sections: in those 2 sections you will find different kind of stands, from independent comics to video games (the biggest and major one was obviously the PlayStation one) and even some Japanese fast food and kawaii/socute/sojapanese clothing stores.


I spent the first hour walking around, buying some goodies (yes I am weak), looking at all this comic indies with some really good ideas and comic books.

Then was time for me to head to the Gaming area to try the new Tekken 7. The PlayStation stand was huge with on one hand the VR section where you can try Farpoint (but you had to pre-book before, less cool) and on the other hand the Tekken 7 section. They set a ring with huge TVs and a speaker and people can play in front of everyone in a real fight atmosphere. That was really cool and funny to watch. Also if you weren’t that brave to kick (or to be kicked) in front of everyone,  you could try Tekken 8 on smaller TV on multiplayer mode. I tried it and because for me Tekken>Street Fighter> Mortal Kombat, I wasn’t disappointed. The game is beautiful, the gameplay still easy to get use to and also accessible to everyone (actually I lost against a 10 YO little girl and it was her first time…) and if you played the first episodes of this legendary game, you will find your favourite characters and the same atmosphere.

Still on the Playstation section, I tried another game and I felt in Love : The White Day. It’s a Japanese highschool/horror/creepy game launching in Europe in August 2017 and the game looks amazing . Straight on my wishlist!

I have a really good time there and I will go back next year for sure. The only thing that disappointed me a little bit is the price of the goodies : I guess because it’s really difficult to find some of them in Europe generally,  they put the price very high. But you can find some really nice original stuff there and I found  framed posters for my room that I really Like, the brand is Laser Moon UK .

Here was my day at MCM London Comic Con 2017, Next Event : Hyper Japan 2017!

You can see my Laser Moon posters there





Let’s start! (again)

After months of overthinking, planning, buying (yeah let’s be honest, our passion has a cost) and setting everything, I am now officially ready to start a blog.
So why again ? Because before starting this one, I use to have a French blog on Video games as well : I started it 3 or 4 years ago, but because of my recent move in the UK and my decision to leave the France to discover the rest of World  ( meaning I don’t know where I will be in few years but not in France), here I am again.

And why this name ?
“GamerGirlBeReallyLike” because it combined two importants things about me : I am a girl gamer and also I am a fan of Memes (some irony and voilaaa!). I guess you know this hashtag #gamergirlbelike or #gamergirl,  where gamers (boys and girls) are making fun of the sexy/controllerinmymouth/highsocksandpanties gamergirl.


For the presentation let’s keep it short :
1)  My name is Elodie, living in London for 2 years now but born and raised in France;

2) I start playing video games when I was 6 years old;

3) My first console ever was the Ps One and my first game was Spyro and the Year of the Dragon;

Spyro the Dragon .gif

GIF from Krazykari

4) I had (and still have some them) a Nintendo Gameboy Color (Pikachu edition too kawaii to handle w_w), Gamecube, Gameboy Advance SP, PS2, XBOX 360, PS4, and PS VITA;

5) I am more a console gamer than a computer gamer (my brother is one of this specimen);

6) My favourite games so far : Final Fantasy VIII and X, Zelda The Windwaker, Super Smash Bros Melee, GTA San Andreas, GTA Vice City and Red Dead Redemption;

7) I use to play a lot Resident Evil and all those scary games, but right now at the age of 24 and as an independent woman, I can’t handle Horror Games for more than 20 minutes;

 8) I am playing at least 2 hours per day if I have one of my console around (we have an Xbox One at work as well, ;));

9) I played all kind of games but prefers Japanese (or not) RPGs, FPS, and multiplayer games;

10) I am really bad a COD and a really bad loser (it goes with the 9th point : multiplayers games).

Presentation article

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On this site I will combine two of my passions : gaming and writing.
I will write mostly reviews on games I play/played , gaming events, wishlists, and so many other things ! As a famous Italian game character would say :
Here we go!